Homemade Twine Holder

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Photo by Jim Garner
Keep your twine tangle-free and organized by threading it through the lid of a pepper shaker.

I used to be constantly irritated by trying to keep up with my jute twine balls when I tied berry bushes, flowers and other plants. I would drop the ball, or wouldn’t be able to find the end, or would have a handful of “jute spaghetti.”

Looking through my junk box, I found a commercial-sized pepper shaker, but it wouldn’t hold the ball. My local hardware store had a roll of twine, instead of a ball, and it fit perfectly in the pepper shaker. I drilled a hole in the pepper shaker lid that was large enough to feed the twine through, but small enough to keep it from dropping back in. Now I have fun doing my tying — whether I drop it, put it in my pocket, or stick it in my belt, the twine is always there waiting for me, tangle-free!

Jim Garner
North Garden, Virginia

For a nifty, ready-made twine holder that clips to your belt and includes a cutter, check out theQuick String Dispenser. — MOTHER