Tips for Electric Fence Repair and LED Bulb Installation

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Photo by Fotolia/bigandt
Learn how to repair a broken electric fence and make the most of LED light bulbs in this savvy, reader-submitted tip.

I have two tips I’d like to share with you. First, you can use copper wire to fix an electric-fence wire. Make a ring with a thick piece of copper wire (or use a copper key ring). Tie one end of the torn electric-fence ribbon to the copper ring. Repeat this process with the other end of the broken ribbon to join both ends together. While this isn’t a permanent fix, the copper ring will conduct the electrical current better than aluminum or steel, and this repair will cause little or no voltage loss. Don’t forget to turn your electric fence off before you start making these repairs!

My second tip involves LED light bulbs. LED bulbs have the capability to last more than 10 years, but their high price makes it difficult to install many at a time. Start off by using them for the hard-to-reach sockets that need ladders to access, are high on poles, are in nearly inaccessible corners of outbuildings or barns, or are located over stairways. Install an LED light bulb once, and chances are you’ll never have to put forth the effort again.

Dale Yelich
Waupaca, Wisconsin