DIY Outdoor Sink from Salvaged Materials

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Photo by Tammy Flowers
Place an old kitchen sink in your garden to rinse fresh produce outside and easily reuse the greywater on your crops.

My husband complains that I don’t like to throw anything away. However, sometimes this habit serves me well. When his aunt said they had to replace their old kitchen sink, I immediately asked for it. I knew just what to do with it and some other “junk” I had lying around the house.

To enact my garden sink plan, I used ceramic floor tiles, which a friend gave to me, to lay out a small foundation in my garden. I then took the metal frame from a cheap table we had and placed it on top of the tiles. I settled the double sink into the metal table frame and used some scrap wood to cover the rest of the tabletop. Next, I placed two 5-gallon buckets under each of the sink’s drains to catch the dirty rinse water. I like being able to rinse off my veggies in my DIY outdoor sink without tracking dirt into the house, plus it’s easy to empty the 5-gallon buckets back into the garden when they’re full.

Tammy Flowers
Diboll, Texas