Christmas Photo Gifts

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Learn how to make these Christmas photo gifts, a thoughtful homemade present for the holidays.

Make these Christmas photo gifts for an easy, homemade Christmas gift everyone will appreciate.

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Christmas Photo Gifts

Remember those photos you took at your nephew’s graduation or Mom’s 75th birthday party? Maybe a special vacation or memory you shared with relatives or friends? Pick out some of the best shots and frame them in a series using a mat and one frame with two to four photos. Sometimes it works to have a series of photos taken a few seconds or minutes apart, such as a toddler’s first steps or 10-year-old’s first soccer match.


Your negatives
A pre-cut mat
A frame

Approximate Cost

$10 to $25


For quality photos, take your negatives to a reputable camera/photo finishing store, not a discount store. I recommend having your photos made into 4 by 6 matte finish prints, which look more professional than glossy. Black-and-white photos can be very dramatic framed, so even if you only shoot color film, any photo developing lab can make black and white reprints for you.

Buy a simple wall frame so the photos will stand out. Then have a white of off-white mat cut to fit at any craft or framing store. Recycle frames you have at home, but you may have to purchase new glass at the framing store. To save time, buy the frame and mat at the same store.

Have the store mount your photos on backing, cut the mat and assemble it in the frame. Then type up your favorite memory associated with the photo-or write it out if your handwriting is good-and glue it on the back of the frame.

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