Choosing the Best Backup Power Generator

Reader Contribution by Staff
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I bought my first backup generator in 1989 – the very best 3500 watt Honda made at the time – to help me with building projects beyond the grid. That’s the one you see on the rolling cart, above. Little did I know that I’d end up using this machine more often during power blackouts than running a saw or drill or sander. Life in the country comes with its share of outages, but that’s not much of an issue when you’re self-reliant for basic power needs.

Generators have improved a whole lot since I bought my first one, with today’s best models being much smaller, lighter and quieter than before. A minority of current models even generate power that’s clean enough to operate the most sensitive electronic equipment without causing damage. This is an important issue when you’re choosing a generator, and few people understand it fully.

Besides using generators frequently for the past couple of decades, I also get the chance to take apart and test different models from various manufacturers. I have my favourites, as well as tips for choosing the best models for different situations. If you’re looking for a portable, backup generator and want to make the best possible choice, check out my technical report at

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