A Cardboard Pet Carrier the Homemade Way

Reader Contribution by Lindsey Siegele

I am the lucky “mother” of two cats. The oldest, an orange tabby named Gus, spends the majority of his time brooding over having to share the spotlight with his younger sister, Finley, who we ironically adopted to keep Gus company. People who don’t like cats often point to their lack of personality. Whereas dogs have endless amounts of energy and wagging tails, cats are more difficult to impress and choose definite favorites. Character and personality, however, are not lacking in my cats.

I love my cats, but sometimes this so-called “character” is more easily seen in their unfortunate quirks. Finley has an awkward lump on her belly (we’ve been assured that this is no big deal) and a raspy voice that does nothing for her cute factor. Gus forgets (read: doesn’t care) where his litter box is stationed, and thus has successfully made my entire apartment smell like a litter box on more than one occasion.

These quirks combine when I attempt to transport my cats in the car. In one triumphant chorus, Finley will erupt in raspy screaming before vomiting in the back seat and Gus will unload — on my lap, on the seat, on Finley — he doesn’t discriminate.

Travel containers have always been an issue. We’ve bought the shoulder-bag variety before, but Gus can ruin one of those relatively easily. We had a plastic carrier, but my wide-bottomed babies outgrew it. I attempted to forgo the cat-carrier fiasco altogether and received many angry looks at my veterinarian’s office while attempting to restrain a frantic, flu-ridden Gus (who, I can only assume, had consumed one too many espressos that morning).

I love this idea for a Collapsible Cardboard Pet Carrier because it has the potential to save me a lot of trouble. I can make it myself for pennies, collapse it when it’s not in use and throw it away if it’s ruined. No harm, no foul. My days of painful cat transport may not be over, but this simple project will ease my pet-parent resentment.

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Lindsey Siegele is the Senior Web Editor at Ogden Publications, the parent company of MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Find her on .