Build a Goat-Milking Stand

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Photo by Whit Erwin
A coffee table, a few boards, and a little sweat equity are all it took to build this homemade goat-milking stand.

My family and I had just moved to a home on 30 acres when we decided we wanted to try raising a dairy goat. After building a little goat hut out of cedar trees from the pasture, our next step was to build a goat-milking stand. I had a coffee table that we weren’t using that had a sturdy frame and a 2-by-4-foot surface, which was plenty of room for our Saanen goat to stand on. I braced the coffee table to help support the legs, and then I added two 1-by-6-foot boards for the stanchion. I attached a food shelf with a removable tray, and the stand was complete.

The total cost of this homemade goat-milking stand was about $15, plus a little sweat equity. We made the money back in no time, as our pretty white Saanen gives us a gallon a day of the sweetest, freshest milk you’ve ever tasted.

Whit Erwin
St. Clair, Missouri

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