Great Web Sites for DIY Projects

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Woodworking, automotive, mechanical, plumbing, electrical: Name your project; you can find help online.

The Internet has loads of information for do-it-yourselfers of all experience levels. So to help you sort through the options, we asked a variety of DIY experts to tell us about the sites they think are best. Of course, each expert recommends his or her own site as well.

Hey, we think offers a lot for do-it-yourselfers. So we might as well start with some great resources, such as the Do-It-Yourself page that is the main page for all DIY information from Mother Earth News. Our DIY articles (the entire archive) are listed on this page. The DIY Ask Our Experts page gives you an opportunity to ask questions and see answers to other readers’ questions. The Hands-On and How-To blog offers tips, information and entertaining stories — along with a list of our favorite DIY blogs. You can get updates on our new DIY articles and information if you sign up for our free DIY Skills & Projects e-newsletter.

OK, now that we’ve blown our own horn, here are some other DIY sites for you to visit.

  • Dave Campbell, deputy editor of Wood Magazine says, “ is deep and robust with lots of free how-to videos. The owner and Web master, Tim Carter, is a great guy and really knows his stuff.”
  • Make.Instructables is definitely my favorite, but Make would be my second favorite,” says Eric Wilhelm, founder and CEO of
  • Lucas Peters, multimedia editor of Wood Magazine, says, “When friends call to ask ‘How do I do this?’ I send them to It’s easy to search.”
  • Jack’s Small Engines.Jack’s Small Engines is Hank Will’s favorite small-engine DIY site. Hank is the editor of Grit magazine and a contributing editor for Mother Earth News.
  • is very comprehensive, covering everything for your home and family, from decorating to home improvement to gardening to cooking, just to mention a few categories,” says Bill Krier, editor in chief, Wood Magazine. “A true multi-media experience with tons of high-quality content throughout.”

Other popular sites that weren’t specifically mentioned by the experts are below.

Television Programs

This Old House offers videos and written step-by-step instructions for reference.

Take Home Handyman includes lots of videos, and rates the difficulty of each project on a scale of one to five.

Woodwright’s Shop, with riddles and trivia, is entertaining. But you can also find some plans and information on techniques for using hand tools.


These magazines have informative, instructional Web sites:

The Family Handyman

Fine Woodworking

Popular Mechanics

Wood Magazine

A Few More

Handyman Club of America is a membership-based organization, but their Web site has a significant amount of free information available to everyone.

Expert Village, and eHow have a variety of articles and videos, but be mindful about the source of information on these sites. Contributors may be novices or have commercial motives for providing information.

Did we overlook your favorite DIY resource? Tell us about it in the comments section below.