Community Garden Shed


Step into our shed and see what tools and resources are essential in taking us from a small prairie plot to a bountiful garden. With our limited gardening time during work hours, these tools are our top picks to keep our plants growing!                      


Go-To Tool of the Month

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Seeds

You can’t have a garden without plants! Thanks to Southern Exposure, we have a variety of root vegetables, brassicas, squash, and leafy greens to extend our gardening season past the summer harvest. A worker-run cooperative with over 700 varieties of heirloom and organic seeds, Southern Exposure will get you growing the healthy, bountiful garden of your dreams!


Basic Garden Tool

This might just be our favorite garden tool! The BGT has helped us prevent grass from creeping back into our first-year plot, removed rocks from our soil, and makes weeding in the Kansas heat a breeze!

Organic Worm Castings

The soil at our garden, being in the middle of an industrial park and not tended to until now, lacks some nutrients. These worm castings gave our plants the minerals, enzymes, and nutrients they needed. Our giant cucumber and zucchini plants are a testament to the difference the castings made!

Tomato Tower

We’ve tried several tomato cage designs in our garden, and our favorite is definitely clear. This tower supported the branches with ease, was incredibly easy to install, and remained sturdy through storms and the Kansas wind.

Biodegradable Plant Markers

The MOTHER EARTH NEWS Community Garden has multiple types of plant markers, but these have really withstood the elements well. In addition to being eco-friendly, these markers haven’t faded even with the torrential rains we’ve experienced. 

Homestead Iron Dutch Weeder

Our plot, being a first-year garden, is prone to having grass reappear among our crops. This tool allows us to get up close to our plants to remove unwanted growth without causing damage to our garden. The sharp edges allow us to scrape away both new weeds and those that are deeply rooted.

LED Grow Light

If you start your seeds indoors, we can’t recommend a better grow light. This LED light fit three seed trays, produced strong seedlings with no legging, fit three seed trays, and comes with a timer that made growing seeds in the office a much easier task.


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