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Lindsay Cobb, Agroforestry Advocate and Nonprofit Communications Manager

Name: Lindsay Cobb

Occupation: Marketing and Communications Manager

Residence: Arlington, VA

Background: Lindsay is a born-and-raised West Virginian and it shows through her love of the mountains and outdoors, as well as her attention to rural issues.

Lindsay uses her voice to advocate for the environment and humanity both personally and professionally. As the Marketing and Communications Manager at nonprofit Trees for the Future, Lindsay is part of a small team that works to help thousands of smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa plant themselves out of hunger and poverty through agroforestry. Trees for the Future is focused on improving lives, economies, and the environment through smarter, sustainable farming methods.

Lindsay’s interest in agriculture and food systems goes back to the time she spent in Kansas as a news reporter. She had the opportunity to meet American farmers and understand the challenges they face and the problems created by the industrial agriculture paradigm, as well as the long term environmental and human harms it has created.

Current Projects:

Trees for the Future Blog – Lindsay writes about Trees for the Future projects and farmers.

Agroforestry Word of the Week– Lindsay and her coworkers are using a simple word of the week blog and email to spread knowledge and understanding of agroforestry.

An Urban Gardening Rookie – Lindsay is doing her best to compete with her family’s gardens in West Virginia from her small deck in Northern Virginia. Follow along on Instagram.

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