Kyle Chandler-Isacksen, Co-Founder of Be the Change Project 

Name:  Kyle Chandler-IsacksenKyle Chandler Isacksen Co Founder of Be the Change Project 

Occupation:  Co-director (with his wife) of the Be the Change Project, Teacher, Natural Builder, Community Organizer, Writer 

Interests:  Cultural transformation, Gandhian Integral Nonviolence, Jujitsu, Tinkering, ScAvenging!, Hiking, Ukulele, Playing with his kids, Learning Olde-Timey Skills, Living without electricity

Location:  Reno, Nev.

Background and Personal History: Kyle is an enthusiast, or jack-of-all-trades type of guy. He is a former teacher, school designer, roofer, political organizer, non-profit educator, carpet cleaner, lobsterman, and so on… His passion for just and sustainable living deepened after living at the River School Farm in Reno in a 200-square-foot strawbale house with his family for two years. While at River School Farm, Kyle was introduced to natural building, permaculture, and organic gardening by a host of great mentors. From there, he and his family moved to a 200-square-foot cob cabin on the House Alive homestead of Coenraad Rogmans in Oregon. A six-month natural building apprenticeship followed where Kyle fell in love with clay and straw.

Following their time at House Alive, Kyle and his family moved to the Possibility Alliance in northeast Missouri, where they found the integrated vision of living for which they had been searching. One can’t not be inspired by the folks at the Possibility Aliance and Kyle thought his family would settle there (they even built a bale-cob cabin). But alas, they felt called back to Reno where they launched their “Be the Change Project” in August of 2011 – a sister project of the Possibility Alliance.

Kyle has always loved writing and storytelling and had his first children’s book, Snakes Wear Socks, published in 2011. He is currently collaborating on a natural building book with Coenraad Rogmans of House Alive and hopes to get his second children’s book, The Great Dog Migration, published next year.

Interesting Tidbits about Kyle’s Lifestyle: 

The Chandler-Isacksen's run the “Be the Change Project,” an urban homestead and learning center dedicated to service and simplicity and rooted in Gandhian Integral Nonviolence. Their home is electricity and fossil-fuel free and they own no car. They raise a lot of their own food through their organic gardens, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. They offer all their workshops and community work as gifts and live on about $6,000 a year. The neon lights, casinos, pawn shops and tattoo parlors of downtown Reno are a very bike-able two miles away. Fortunately, the open desert, the Truckee River, and the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains are not much further.