Hannah Kincaid

Hannah has worked as Senior Editor of Mother Earth News and Managing Editor of Heirloom Gardener, a quarterly magazine produced by Ogden Publications. Follow her many adventures on Instagram as "hannah_aften" or review her full online portfolio at www.HannahKincaid.com.

Hannah grew up on a fifth-generation family farm outside of Lawrence, Kansas. Home-schooled, she spent much her childhood exploring the nearby Kansas prairie with her brothers. Hannah KincaidDuring that time, Hannah realized how important spending time in nature is to our happiness and well-being. She continues to hold a deep appreciation for the benefits that nature and wild plants can offer, both medicinally and nutritionally.

After receiving a Journalism degree from the University of Kansas, Hannah interned with her long-time favorite magazine, MOTHER EARTH NEWS, and was delighted to meet such a knowledgeable, compassionate group of people. After learning an exorbitant amount about food systems, GMOs, and organic gardening (not to mention editing), Hannah said goodbye to her new friends to explore Europe. She and her father biked through County Clare, Ireland, and then Hannah explored seven European countries, soaking up the new tastes, smells and ideas. Refreshed and inspired, Hannah joined the MOTHER EARTH NEWS team as a permanent member in the fall of 2012.

Hannah is currently restoring a 100-year-old farmhouse on 2 acres. When she's not ripping up carpet or repainting walls, she spends her spare time cultivating a vegetable garden and a native medicinal plant garden, practicing yoga, spending time with her loved ones, and reading all the Barbara Kingsolver books she can get her hands on.

Articles and videos by Hannah include:

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