Dr. Jamison Ozbun, Self-Sustaining Farmer-Businessman

Dr. Jamison Ozbun, Tennessee Sustainable Farmer and Businessman

Name: Jamison Ozbun

Occupation: Farmer

Place of Residence: Greeneville, Tennessee

Background and Personal History:

Jamison Ozbun entered the military after high school and became an aircraft technician on the C141B Starlifter. Later, he completed aeronautical studies at Embry-Riddle University and became a navigator on the RC135S Cobraball. After 20 years, he concluded his military career working for NATO in direct support of Operation Unified Protector.

Jamison is a self-taught woodsman and carpenter and currently lives with his family in a handcrafted solar-powered home in the Appalachian Mountains. He holds an FAA Drone Pilot Certificate and continues his post-doctoral studies at Embry-Riddle University with a focus on ways to utilize sUAS for a variety of more innovative purposes.

Current Projects: Self-Sustaining Farm, 2 Log Cabins

Other Fun Facts: I teach Business Operations online at a major university.

Connect with Jamison: 

A library of Jamison’s publications can be found at: www.droneprofessionalwoodsman.com

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