Manuela and Frank Mueller Frank: born ’63, certified master title in car and motorcycle repair and suspension specialist has become a real “know it all” over the years. Motorcycle racing, engines and suspensions and working on the race tracks around the world had been his passion for almost all his life but that passion has been added on to by a growing love for everything related to wood and the interest in off-grid living. Manuela: born ’63, I’m originally a certified foreign language secretary…..who’s destiny changed when my first boyfriend forbid me to get a motorcycle license…..yeah sure……five weeks later I had the license and got rid of the guy ???? That was also the beginning of a passion for motorcycles and racing where I then spent the next 25 years working as a tire and fuel technician and organizing race teams and events. But sometimes you need to follow new goals and those were found in working with my therapy dog and finding freedom in Mother Nature and creative woodworking. Both of us moved and lived in Germany, Canada,, Australia, Sweden and now again Nova Scotia, Canada, where we started with a piece of property and landscaped and built our own off-grid log home in the middle of the woods on a lake.

Articles by Manuela and Frank Mueller