Mother Earth News Archives

Many of our longtime readers speak of their head-high stacks of old copies they keep handy, corners tattered and worn from hours of thumbing through. In fact, we routinely receive correspondence from folks who brag of owning the MOTHER EARTH NEWS archives, typically stored in a massive trunk somewhere. You might be one of them.

Well, now you can get all of the information published from 1970 through 2012, including hundreds of do-it-yourself plans and projects, right at your fingertips for less than a penny per article! We have converted our most recent MOTHER EARTH NEWS back issues to the EPUB format – including more than 9,500 articles and webposts – and compiled them in a searchable format on one convenient DVD-ROM.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been the leader of sustainable and wiser living for more than 40 years, publishing articles about homesteading, real food, sustainability and alternative energy since 1970.

In the MOTHER EARTH NEWS archives, you’ll find articles about underground homes, cheap solar power, organic gardening and raising chickens – plus hundreds of practical tips for modern homesteading and much more. You’ll also find directions for making your own solar water heater, wood fences, custom furniture, a dollhouse, snow shoes and even a cabin.

The MOTHER EARTH NEWS archives also features hundreds of down-to-earth recipes. From gooseberry pie and homemade jerky to hummus and morel mushroom quiche, you’ll find something to satisfy every appetite.

What are you waiting for? Order every issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS on DVD and get on the path for wiser living. Order the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Multiplatform Edition today and access what you want, when you want it, without the need of an Internet connection.