Make Your Own Lumber With a Chainsaw Mill

With a simple attachment, you can turn your chainsaw into a chainsaw mill and make all the lumber you need.

| July/August 1980

All alone—without a tractor, horse, or sled—you can actually move 50-foot logs out of the deepest woods and get your building lumber for practically nothing but your labor.

I made this discovery when I set out to build a three-story, passive solar home. One of the first things I did, of course, was price the lumber I'd need ... and I was shocked to learn that one 2 X 6 can cost $4.00! (And, as you probably know, such "commercial" boards actually measure only 1 1/2" X 5 1/2") I soon realized there was no way I could afford to buy the quantity of lumber I'd need.

Great Good Luck

However, as I'm a resolute "youngster" of 67—with abundant good health and vitality—it didn't take me long to find the solution. My answer took the form of a chainsaw mill, an ingenious little device that cost me $44.95 and enabled me to obtain all the one-inch planks, 2 X 4's, 2 X 6's, and 2 X 10's (all of which were a full two inches thick) I needed—plus the necessary 4 X 4's, 6 X 6's, and so forth—from my own woodlot at nearly no cost.

I'd found my answer when—by great good luck—I'd noticed an advertisement in THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS for a chainsaw attachment called the Lumber/Maker, produced by Haddon Tools. My letter of inquiry brought me a small booklet entitled "The Chain Saw and the Lumber/Maker," which convinced me to try the device.

As it turned out, this lightweight bronze tool—which I attach to my 20-inch Jonsereds chainsaw—has been worth its weight in gold! I've spent some of the most invigorating, enjoyable, and rewarding weeks of my life ... deep down in the woods, slicing immense trees into boards.

Fortunately, one section of our Quebec farm contains hundreds of huge cedars. The growth is so dense, in fact, that it would be impossible to drive even the smallest tractor into those woods. So even though we have enough timber there to construct several houses, there's no way to mechanically haul a single tree out ... but I got my lumber anyway!

10/14/2015 12:21:59 PM

Why are there no photos of the attachment? It seems a ridiculous omission.

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