Wiser Living Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

We at MOTHER EARTH NEWS are proud to share our list of useful apps for your smartphone or tablet. Below are the apps currently available for download. Check back often for our new releases! 

Grow Planner Gardening App

When to Plant App

Tomato Chooser App

Grow Planner iPhone screenshot When to Plant App Tomato Chooser app screenshot


The Grow Planner is an interactive app that allows gardeners to draw out their entire garden and the crops they want to grow. The app simplifies the planning and planting processes by automatically spacing and calculating how many plants users can grow in traditional rows, blocks, raised beds, or using the square-foot gardening method.

If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, try our desktop Vegetable Garden Planner.

Get more information about our Grow Planner app.

Download the Grow Planner app, available in the iTunes App Store.


Our When to Plant app gives you the best planting times for more than 120 vegetables, herbs, fruit, cover crops and common companion planting flowers. By using your ZIP code and a database of almost 5,000 weather stations across North America, the app locates average frost dates for your garden from the
nearest station, and calculates the best range of planting dates for each crop.

One of Wired magazine's Top Picks for gardening apps in its annual App Guide special issue!

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When to Plant app

Download the When to Plant app, available in Google Play and the iTunes App Store.


The new Tomato Chooser app provides detailed profiles of 333 tomato varieties in all shapes, colors and sizes. You can sort through these varieties and choose certain criteria to find tomatoes that have just the characteristics you are looking for. You can even save your favorite varieties to access

Get more information about our Tomato Chooser app.

Download the Tomato Chooser app, available in the iTunes App Store.

Pickin’ Chicken Breed Selector

Pickin Chicken App


There are so many wonderful heritage breeds to choose from, and Pickin' Chicken will help find the perfect chicken breed for your needs. The app includes info and photos of more than 80 breeds, and lets you search based on egg color, size, meat/egg/dual purpose, mothering ability, growth rate, and more. Find the perfect chicken breed for eggs, meat, or for dual purpose.

Watch an overview video of the app to see the app in action.

Get more information about our Pickin' Chicken Breed Selector app.

Download the Pickin' Chicken Breed Selector app, available in the iTunes App Store.

 Digital Editions

Mother Earth News digital edition

Did you know that you can access full copies of MOTHER EARTH NEWS in a digital format? Through our partnership with MAZ, we’re able to deliver our premier content to your mobile devices. Our digital issues have slick interactivity built right in, so you can connect to related materials online as you read and share your favorite content and photos with your friends. Visit our subscription page to learn more about pricing and bundle options. 

Please feel free to contact MOTHER EARTH NEWS with your questions and concerns regarding our smartphone and tablet apps. Visit our App Support page for more information.

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