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“It is relieving to read a magazine like yours that proves it’s still possible to live responsibly while enjoying modern luxuries. It is obvious that there is passion and purpose behind your writings.”

– Keith W. Kimmel, Columbus, Ohio

“Thank you for the most informative and enjoyable magazine ever printed. I was only 15 years old in January 1970, and I still remember the wonderful articles in that first issue.”

– Ed Wilson, Clinton, Mo.

“Back in the 70s, MOTHER represented everything I believed in. Now here we both are, older and wiser, and I still believe your magazine represents the good life.”

– Joyce Lawrence, Scoppoose, Ore.

“I would just like to say thanks. I love this magazine and I feel inspired every time I get an issue. I read it from cover to cover and drive my husband crazy with plans and ideas.”

– Tiffany Longan, Bethel, Alaska

“The magazine has changed our lives! You truly have made a difference in the way we see our today, and more importantly, the way we see our tomorrow.”

– Karri Wilcox, Cross City, Fla.