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Just Imagine: 

Your dream home — debt-free!

Good health — maintained naturally!

Clean, renewable energy on demand!

Time for the people and things that matter!

A backyard business that you love!

While you live in harmony with nature and save money too!

You can do it: Let MOTHER EARTH NEWS help.


Dear Friend,

Has this already happened to you?

Maybe you’re stuck (again) in traffic … or you’re in the checkout line, recalling how tomatoes once tasted like tomatoes … or you’re facing another huge utility bill … or you’re at work, wishing for more time with your family …

And suddenly you find yourself asking: “Is this really the life I want for myself and those I love?”

If the answer is “NO!” … if you yearn for a life that’s better — healthier, simpler, more satisfying — than the one that society, tradition or habit seems to have mapped out for you … then the next question is:

“If you could improve your family’s quality of life for just $12, would you do it?” 

For that modest sum, you’re now entitled to a year of MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine. Each issue is packed with precisely the kind of friendly, field-tested advice that will help you (and the ones you love) live a more meaningful, better-balanced life … put money in your pocket … and set you free!

MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been helping folks live self-reliant, sustainable, meaningful lives — and to live lightly on our planet — for more than 35 years. Subscribe Today. 

Month after month, our readers write in to share some of the successes we have helped them achieve:

  • From San Antonio, Texas: “We have eliminated the words ‘house payment’ from our vocabulary.”
  • From Chesterton, Ind.: “Such good advice about living. There’s so much craziness out there.”
  • From Arapahoe, N.C.: “I had the water tested … I credit MOTHER EARTH NEWS for possibly saving my life.”
  • From Wichita, Kan.: “I was able to add three weeks to my growing season.”
  • From Sacramento, Calif.: “I am amazed at how much produce we harvest from our city lot.”

The good news — you can do it too! 

  • Delicious, chemical-free food!
  • A home of your own — and no mortgage!
  • Pure, clean water! A naturally stress-free, independent, healthy life!
  • Freedom — forever — from rising utility bills!
  • Your own home-based business!
  • Returning to the land to raise your family within the natural world!
  • A more self-sufficient, less wasteful and less expensive lifestyle!

With the ideas, inspiration and practical information in each issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, you’ll be empowered to take control of your own quality of life, making these dreams come true — for you and those you love.

And you can do it no matter where you live: 

Whether you have a backyard garden, a suburban spread or acres of virgin land, MOTHER EARTH NEWS can bring you into closer harmony with nature … with your dreams … and save you money at the same time!

I hope that — thanks to the examples I’ve provided — you’re tempted to explore some of these options … to start living, as one of our readers put it, “with little money and abundant happiness.” 

You may find it nice to know that the first exciting steps towards this healthier, simpler, more satisfying life don’t have to be huge ones. And they sure don’t have to be drudgery or hardships: Start small and simple — and there’s no telling where MOTHER EARTH NEWS might take you! 

Begin, perhaps, by mixing up some chemical-free cleaners; by refurbishing an old deck; by growing your own natural remedies or some great-tasting tomatoes. Step by step, at your own pace, you’ll build a great life!

But your first step is to subscribe to MOTHER EARTH NEWS today! 

You can be assured that the tips and ideas in just your first issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS will probably pay for your subscription many times over … The satisfaction, peace of mind and happiness you’ll experience? Well, those are priceless!

Bill Uhler

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What our readers say:

I’m starting into my eleventh year of reading and subscribing to your magazine. MOTHER EARTH NEWS is a constant in my ever-changing world. Bravo to an awesome team down at Mother.
— Joseph B.
We can implement some or all of the sustainable living principles advocated in this magazine anywhere and anytime.
— Carrie B., Seattle, Wash.
The magazine has changed our lives! You truly have made a difference in the way we see our today, and more importantly, the way we see our tomorrow.
— Karri W., Cross City, Fla.
It is relieving to read a magazine like yours that proves it’s still possible to live responsibly while enjoying modern luxuries. It is obvious that there is passion and purpose behind your writings.
— Keith K., Columbus, Ohio
Wow … thank you, thank you, thank you. MOTHER is jampacked with all kinds of options for eco-friendly living.
— Debra A.
My mother does organic gardening, and MOTHER taught her how to do it. She has been a die-hard subscriber since the 70s.
— Marcene B., Independence, Mo.
We love your magazine. Thanks for giving us information we can really use to protect our environment and live more self-sufficiently.
— Fred and Mary Beth T., Dahlonega, Ga.
Thank you for the most informative and enjoyable magazine ever printed. I was only 15 years old in January 1970, and I still remember the wonderful articles in that first issue.
— Ed W., Clinton, Mo.
I am especially pleased with the changes in Mother over the last several years. You guys are doing a great job with your magazine!
— Don S.
Thank you for opening my eyes to a way of life each of us should enjoy!
— J.D. C., New Orleans, La.
Thank you for a wonderful magazine; my wife and I read it cover to cover.
— Sam L., Oklahoma City, Okla.
I enjoy your magazine so much, and am often inspired by your articles.
— Paula F., Weatherford, Texas

Keys to the Joyful Good Life:

In every issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, you’ll find inspiring, practical information about:
Growing flavorful, all-organic food!

Starting your own home-based business!

Living a healthier, less stressful life!

Making smart, earth-friendly choices!

Curing what ails you — naturally!

Building your home — without a mortgage!

Never paying another utility bill!

Achieving lasting self-sufficiency!

Easy, money-saving home improvements!

Creating close, supportive communities!

Living wisely — on less!