The urban homesteading movement is spreading rapidly across the nation. Urban Homesteading is the perfect guide for urbanites who want to reduce their impact on the environment and gain satisfaction from the fruits of their own labor. Full of practical information, as well as inspiring stories from people already living the urban homesteading life, this colorful guide breaks down the lifestyle basics for any reader.

In the search for sustainable solutions to the seemingly insurmountable problems of our time, city-dwellers across the country are finding creative new ways to live. Picking up a shovel and a hoe, turning their closets, roofs, fire escapes, and backyard decks into fruitful gardens and orchards and places for chickens to forage, urban farmers are reclaiming heirloom agrarian practices as strategies for responsible living.

Urban Homesteading embraces the core concepts of localization (fulfilling basic needs close to where we live), self–reliance (re–learning that food comes from the ground, not the grocery store), and sustainability (giving back at least as much as we take). Readers will find concise how–to information that they can immediately set into practice, from making solar cookers and growing tomatoes in a pot to raising chickens on a tiny plot and maintaining the mental serenity of country life in the fast–paced city environment. This is a must–have handbook for city folk with a passion for the simple life.

Want to read more? Preview this book: Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living.

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