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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you feel trapped under a mountain of bills? Does it seem like the cards are stacked against you? Bestselling author, teacher, and former government agent Gary Collins has helped thousands of people rise above the poverty line into a life of abundance. And now he’s here to help you adopt a financially secure mindset so you can live on your own terms.

The Simple Life Guide to Financial Freedom: Free Yourself from the Chains of Debt and Find Financial Peace exposes the consumer-driven U.S. culture that traps everyday people beneath high credit card balances with crippling interest rates. Through eye-opening, real-life examples and figures, you’ll discover common money mistakes and fiduciary pitfalls designed to drain your income. Using Collins’ simple methods, you’ll restructure your spending habits to create a purposeful, prosperous future.

In The Simple Life Guide to Financial Freedom, you’ll discover:

• Why average Americans fall far short of their millionaire potential, and how you can avoid going down the same path
• Simple tactics to break free from the cycle of debt and make the most of your money
• Proven strategies to achieve the financial independence you need to follow your dreams
• Real-life success stories to guide you down the path to stress-free fiscal security
• Condensed and clear explanations of budgetary concepts, the perils of consumerism, and much, much more!

If you like frank insights, mind-blowing facts and figures, and simple fixes to complex problems, then you’ll love Collins’ wealth-building resource.

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