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Note: A separate pass is required for this workshop. This workshop can only be accessed by weekend or preferred seating passholders. Before purchasing this workshop please order your advance weekend pass or preferred seating pass to the North Carolina FAIR. Passes will not be sent in the mail for this workshop. You will check in at the event. Please save your order confirmation.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS in collaboration with The Livestock Conservancy and author/speaker Patricia Foreman present this half day intensive breakout session scheduled for Sunday afternoon, April 29.

Now that you have a coop and are comfortable with raising chickens maybe you are thinking of making the leap to become a breeder or maybe you just want to learn what it takes to go there? In this interactive session, you will learn the common sense basics of setting up for a breeder flock and how to make good breeding decisions for creating birds that meet breed standard while producing better meat and eggs in the process. Over time, you can make great improvements to your flock, which will translate to healthier, more productive, and ultimately more valuable birds.

This session will include hands-on instruction for handling live chickens for the purpose of breeding birds and their evaluation as well as hands on egg selection from a variety of quality and ages. (Please note: Schedule subject to change.)

12:30-1:30 – Hands-on Chickens

There are ways to handle chickens that result in lower stress for the birds and ensure they are handled safely while they are being evaluated. Highlights in this section include:

  • Learn how to hold a chicken so it is comfortable, content, and secure.
  • Calm a bird in hand immediately without stress or trauma.
  • Restrict a bird for medical treatment.
  • Evaluating birds for selection as breeders
  • Methods of individual bird identification and tracking the flock’s progress

1:30-3:00 – Incubation and Selecting the Best Eggs for High Hatch Rates and Healthy Chicks

Incubating eggs is a life-skill that allows you to maintain self-perpetuating flocks. Highlights in this section include:

  • How to select Incubators that you can buy—or make.
  • Nutritional needs of the breeding flock prior to hatching season
  • Finding and setting the best eggs
  • How embryo development in the shell affects hatch-ability.
  • The critical phase of chicks hatching out.
  • The first week of chick-hood & chick nutrition for optimal health.

3:00-4:30 – Protecting Your Investment - Predator Tips, Tricks and Techniques that can Keep Your Birds Safe and Alive.

All carnivores love a chicken dinner. This puts every lawn and pastured flock at risk both urban and rural. There are many things flock owners can do to lessen the losses. This section dives deeply into ways of flock protection, including:

  • reflective deterrents
  • fencing strategies
  • pop-holes exposure and position
  • bird-scape design with plants and structures
  • canine poultry protectors and much more.

This session is designed to be very personal and interactive, so space is strictly limited. Reservations are available first-come, first-served. Do not miss this one-of-a-kind experience!

This workshop is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

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