Definitions of healthy eating have changed dramatically since The Healthy Slow Cooker was first published in 2006. In those days it was one size fits all; that is, low-fat, no saturated fat, low calorie and moving toward nutrient-dense foods.

Now nutritional guidelines have shifted, with significantly more scientific information to add. Experts report that many modern diseases are directly associated with the consumption of wheat and advocate for a reduction in carbohydrates for beneficial health results. Another significant development is that the evidence against saturated fat is gradually diminishing. At the same time, established dietary guidelines are under increasing scrutiny.

Judith Finlayson takes all this conflicting information and balances it with a common sense approach that can be customized according to individual needs. All the recipes she provides are deliciously nutrient-dense and take a balanced approach capable of meeting a wide variety of needs. In short, this book serves up an unbeatable combination of appetizing, healthy meals prepared in a slow cooker.

With such a wide range of recipes, from hearty soups to elegant desserts, preparing nutritious and delicious meals strikes the perfect balance between achieving healthy eating habits and assuring great tastes. More recipes feature fresh herbs and spices. Finlayson also advocates for the benefits of eating sustainably caught fish and pasture-raised meat. Nutritional analysis is provided with each recipe.

This book paints the nutritional big picture with a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods that can be easily and conveniently prepared in a slow cooker.

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