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If you’re interested in homesteading, livestock, natural health, gardening, DIY projects, renewable energy, or cooking, you don’t want to miss this issue! Mother Earth News has compiled more than 45 articles into The Best of Mother Earth News, 2018 to help guide you through whatever project you’re currently tackling or that you plan to take on in the future. From learning how to grow an aquaponics aquaculture to building a beehive and keeping bees to making homegrown olive oil, this issue is here for you. The information in this issue is perfect for sitting down and reading cover to cover or for reference when you’re starting a new project.

The Best of Mother Earth News, 2018 will help you create a backyard edible ecosystem, protect and shelter your goats, make your farm or garden certified sustainable, grow lettuce in the winter, build a stone culvert, and so much more!

Other articles in this issue include:

  • Small Homes Are Just the Right Size: These homeowners downsized their lives to inhabit hand-built spaces that are easier and cheaper to maintain.
  • Homestead Technology for Disaster Preparedness: Add these dynamic tools to your emergency kit. They’ll boost camping trips and come in handy during catastrophes.
  • A Little Winter Greenhouse: One reader shares how she created a small urban greenhouse.
  • Brew Backyard Root Beer: With a little experimentation, you can learn how to make your own version of this historic, herb-infused soda using foraged ingredients.
  • 5 Garden Myths: Unlock your garden’s full potential by learning to avoid and amend these common mistakes.
  • Masonry Heaters: These super-efficient fireplaces produce long-lasting warmth.

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