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This manual lays out how to build an efficient masonry-type woodburning stove from inexpensive parts and using practical skills. It was written by the developer of the Rocket Mass Heater, Ianto Evans, who is also co-creator of the Rocket Stove.

Rocket Mass Heaters are in a family of efficient woodburning stoves called Rocket Stoves. These stoves burn small-diameter wood fuel in a high-temperature combustion chamber with an insulated internal chimney.

With clear, delightful illustrations and practical, accessible instructions, this third edition of the book contains full-color case studies by 10 stove builders who have been living with these stoves for several years, and have been teaching the craft. Even if you don't plan to build one of these stoves, you will learn practical skills about human comfort, self-reliance and heating with wood.

The casual reader comes away with an ability to build fires, from campfires to highly specific rocket stoves, and will understand how wood burns, and which woodburning stove is best for any given situation. The passionate stover comes away with all that’s needed to build a Rocket Mass Heater at home, taking charge of a family's comfort.

There is an updated safety chapter by Art Ludwig and improved construction instruction based on builder feedback. You'll find a basic recipe for building a Rocket Mass Heater, so you can make a stove according to your local climate specifications, in your unique house, and with materials you source according to luck, whim, opportunity, Dumpster-diving law or money. Good luck with your stove!


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