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This tool is an improved and highly versatile version of the classic garden rake. The tines are thick steel and will not bend under the duress of normal work done with a rake. The flip-side of the rake is a solid steel hoe more than a foot wide, perfect for breaking up chunks, and smoothing and leveling soil. Excellent for gardening of all sorts, small-scale intensive agriculture, and landscaping.

The tool head should be cleaned regularly with steel wool and coconut or linseed oil, and should not be stored outdoors or in high humidity, as rusting may occur.

The Rake/Hoe head is made from AR-400 grade steel. This alloy exhibits high abrasion resistance (AR) and hardness. The addition of carbon and manganese, as well as quenching and tempering increase the hardness of the steel and create a very durable, impact-resistant surface. It is used in applications where abrasive materials such as grains, coal, ore, cement, gravel, light aggregate, and earth are being handled.

The ergonomic wooden handle is made from ash by Kanga! The lowest foot of the length of the shaft has been coated with Linseed oil to protect from mud splatter. The top of the handle features a para-chord loop for easy hanging in storage.


Total height: 62"

Handle weight: 2lbs

Total weight: 5.5lbs

Tool head dimensions: 12.5"x 6.5"

Tine length: 11.5"

Please allow two weeks for delivery. Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only.

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