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A successful hunt should mean good eating at the table, not hard work in the kitchen. This e-handbook shows you the best and easiest ways to cook game. This valuable guide covers the following:

  • Basic techniques such as aging, tenderizing and marinating
  • Skinning and dressing small game such as rabbit, squirrel and racoon
  • Skinning and dressing large game such as deer, caribou and bear
  • Cleaning and dressing wild birds such as goose, duck and pheasant
  • Cleaning and preparing fish and other water game such as trout, bass, frogs, turtles and snails
  • Recipes such as Venison Stew, Wild Boar Roast, Quail Roasted in Grapes Leaves, Baked Bass with Bacon and Turtle Stew

With these instructions and recipes to guide you, you can sit back, take it easy while the game slowly cooks to its tender, juicy best. 37 pages.

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