The backyard chicken is the new "it" pet-and with good reason: These birds are personable, beautiful and (mostly) low maintenance. But they're not without their quirks and sometimes puzzling behaviors.

That's where the experts at have a beak up on the competition: They hear from chicken keepers daily and offer advice about common mistakes and pitfalls that occur when raising a flock of chickens in the backyard. And customers tell them that the advice they most appreciate is actually how not to raise chickens, what not to do, and why not to panic.

My Pet Chicken Handbook helps potential chicken owners decide whether chicken keeping is right for them, how to make the best choices for their situations, how to start planning for the new pets, and-most importantly-how to head off potential trouble before the chicks arrive. Detailed care instructions for baby chicks and mature hens help to ensure a friendly and enjoyable flock. Covering both the good and the "oh no" experiences that beginners and avid backyard farmers experience, topics include choosing coops, planning a daily routine, learning about sanitation practices, and discovering signs of distress. Then the joy of chicken keeping comes full "ovoid," with 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all featuring the incredible and versatile egg. You'll have at your fingers delicious instructions for cooking up everything from homemade egg noodles and sesame mayonnaise to a vegetable frittata and caramel custard.

Category: Poultry

Author: Lissa Lucas & Traci Torres

Pages: 224

Format: Paperback

Weight: 1.14

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