MOTHER EARTH NEWS has published thousands of articles about earth-sheltered homes, cheap solar power, organic gardening techniques, raising chickens, beekeeping, do-it-yourself project, recipes, and so much more. With this great set you can have access to all the articles MOTHER EARTH NEWS has published, including online content! Plus, five impressive guides that feature some of the best articles on growing and preserving food, managing your woodlot, do-it-yourself projects, and living on less.

This set includes:

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Archive 1970-2013: Multiplatform DVD Edition
The Multiplatform DVD contains more than 10,000 articles and web posts, published from 1970-2013, in an all new format that can be viewed on your PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone, Kindle and more. The Multiplatform Edition contains files for each year of the magazine in a format that can be transferred for viewing and searching on multiple devices. The content can only be viewed and searched year by year.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to Growing Your Own Food, 6th Edition
The sixth edition of the Guide to Growing Your Own Food has tips and advice for organic pest control, container gardening, storing produce, shade-grown vegetables and much more.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to Living on Less, 5th Edition
This guide is filled with expert advice, tips and instructions for a sustainable life. From saving money on groceries to easy projects for instant energy savings, the ideas in this guide let you enjoy the luxury of living on less.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS How to Grow and Preserve Your Own Food, 5th Edition
Filled with helpful tips, step-by-step instructions, beautiful photographs and more, this guide contains hundreds of great ways to achieve food security for you and your family.

GRIT Guide to Homestead DIY Projects
Whether you want to improve your garden, care for you livestock, or just kick your feet up, this guide cover it all. This guide is filled with articles on easy, do-it-yourself projects ranging from homemade tomato cages and chicken feeders, to plans for building a garden shed or root cellar.

GRIT Complete Guide to the Woodlot
In this guide you’ll discover information on managing your forest, how to choose a woodstove, making money from your wooded acres, and much more.

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