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Help reboot your health with the hundreds of tips and nearly 20 articles found in the Mother Earth News Guide to Growing Herbs! You will find more than 109 tips for growing more than 100 herbs for healing and cooking. This 100-page guide includes tips on having fresh herbs year-round, beneficial versus bad bugs, garden designs, shade-loving herbs, and recipes for using different herbs.

Read all about organic garden fertilizers, and use this guide to build your soil’s nutrient content and save money you would have spent on other fertilizers. Discover how to maintain an indoor kitchen garden with the guide’s advice for indoor success with culinary herbs. Learn gardening tips, such as which plants are medicine for bees; 21 native plants that can grow in a low-maintenance garden; and how to make your own concrete birdbath.

Other articles include:

  • Save Water, Plant Wisely: Xeriscape – As the Southeast weathers a severe drought, a gardener realizes it’s time to brush up on all the water wisdom shelearned while living in the arid West.
  • Bug-Eat-Bug World – For all-natural pest control, encourage helpful bugs (the kind that like to eat garden pests) to alight on your plot of land.
  • Designs: A 21st Century Apothecary Garden – Step outside your door to enter a tranquil sanctuary you’ve filled with healing herbs.
  • Why Are My Herbs Dying? – Problem-proof your garden. Our expert solves common troubles associated with rosemary, sage, and basil.
  • Self-Watering Garden Hose Pot – Reuse an old garden hose and transform it into a beautifully crafted self-watering pot for your favorite herbs.

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