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You'll save money on home energy bills for years to come with this convenient collection of recent articles from The Original Guide to Living Wisely. The Guide to Energy Savings E-book is filled with information on solar heating options, plus natural cooling methods for your house. If you want to heat your home for free, you can find instructions for building a DIY solar heating system. And if you're planning to remodel or build a new home, this special edition includes our best articles to help you make your home super-energy efficient by tapping the free energy of the sun.

Considering new, energy-efficient appliances or windows? Maybe even heating with a woodstove? Learn what you need to know to spend your money wisely. Compiled in this guide is a set of the most informative, most up-to-date articles available from Mother Earth News to educate you on all relevant aspects of home energy savings, from building a simple solar heater to brewing your own biofuels and more. In addition, The Guide to Energy Savings E-book includes a 3-page directory of even more resources related to home solar energy systems and energy efficiency.

Packed inside the pages of The Guide to Energy Savings E-book are hundreds of great ideas for any home, including articles on:

  • Easy energy improvements
  • Emergency power options
  • Small-scale wind power
  • Solar space heating
  • Best bets for solar hot water
  • Expert advice on wood heat
  • And much more!

Save big on energy costs for an entire lifetime with the tips and solutions in The Guide to Energy Savings E-book.

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