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The Leghorn Cottage is an eggs-treme home for your laying fowl.

This strong, high-quality coop allows you to take comfort that your girls are safe from harmful predators. Providing comfort, room, and an invitation for egg production, this coop is wonderful for your chickens, ducks, quail, or pheasant. This product is made with nonsplintering fir timber.

The manufacturer says it accommodates “4+ chickens” because there are factors to consider: What breed are you getting? Are you able to let them free-range? We recommend looking at the measurements and seeing what you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind the chickens share nesting boxes and stand side by side on the roosting rods!

Made from non-splintering fir timber, the coop’s painted with two coats. It features vents on both sides to ensure proper airflow in the henhouse. The henhouse door slides open and closes using a metal handle. (This allows you to easily secure your hens at night.) Under the henhouse, 15 inches of clearance provides additional space for the hens to roam.

Measuring 76 inches long by 31.5 inches wide, this solid, well-built coop is a fantastic starter coop. (Note: The roof makes it 34 inches wide.)

It arrives in two boxes! Each piece is labeled, and the instructions are simple to follow. You will need a power screwdriver and an hour. The holes are predrilled and all of the heavy-gauge wire is preinstalled on the panels. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to assemble!

Please allow two weeks for delivery. This item is only available for shipment to addresses in the continental United States.

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