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Limited time BOGO offer: Buy a Johhny Appleseed Authentic Dwarf Bare Root Tree and get one FREE, buy two and get two FREE, or buy three and get three FREE!

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Own a piece of living history! These heirloom apple trees are bud-grafted, genetically identical copies of the last surviving tree planted by John Chapman, the real life inspiration behind the Johnny Appleseed legend. Grown in partnership with one of America’s top nurseries, these apple trees display beautiful pale-pink flowers in spring and bears delicious, green apples perfect for baking, cider making and eating fresh off the tree in fall for zones 4-7.

• 4-5' Bare Root Trees in Three Sizes Based on Tree Caliper
• The tart, green apples ripen in September in Zone 5
• Great for baking, applesauce, cider-making and fresh eating
• Pollinate with any other apple tree except Winesaps, Mutsu or Jonagold
• Trees ship in early spring, date depending on your last frost date
• Self-pollinating
• Mature height: 8-10 feet tall and 12-15 feet across

The last day to order a Johnny Appleseed Tree is May 1, 2021. All orders after May 1st will not be accepted. 

Available for shipment to continental U.S. addresses only. Please note we aren't able to ship to Arizona and California.


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