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With this book and some imagination anyone can build a beautiful stone wall. How to Build Dry-Stacked Stone Walls shows how to build a wall using the traditional method of dry stone masonry, in which carefully selected stones are properly stacked and held together without mortar. As well as being beautiful, a dry stone wall is stronger, more stable, and more resistant to climate than a mortared wall. The book features more than 100 full-color photographs of walls, bridges, and decorative garden elements in various steps of construction, as well as illustrations that show the steps and cross sections that illustrate the building methods. Author John Shaw-Rimmington explains how to build a dry stacked stone wall, coursed walling, bridges, follies, and more. He explains the important principles that contribute to the structural integrity of each. He covers all of the essential elements of dry stone building: • Design • The foundation • Packing or backfilling within the wall • Slope of a wall face, an "A" profile that provides stability • Bridge stones that span the width of the wall • Coping, the top stones of a wall • Weight-bearing stones in an arch, bridge, dome, and more Shaw-Rimmington then guides the reader through the building process. With dedication to the task and the author's experienced guidance, the only limit is imagination.

Category: Homesteading , DIY

Pages: 200

ISBN-10: 1770857094

ISBN-13: 978-1770857094

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