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Michael Natkin's Herbivoracious and its 150 recipes herald a new generation in meatless cooking and vegetarian cookbooks. This is grown-up vegetarian food, visually stunning on the plate (as seen in more than 80 color photographs) and intensely flavored in a way that will appeal to readers with a sophisticated and adventurous global palate. The book presents the dishes in a naturally health conscious (but not preachy) manner. Above all, Herbivoracious reflects the author's own prodigious originality and creativity in the kitchen - exactly the traits that have made him the go-to source for new and tasty ideas in vegetarian eating.

Natkin, a vegetarian himself, provides lots of advice on how to craft vegetarian meals that amply deliver nutrients. The imaginative menus he presents deliver balanced and complementary flavors, and he clearly notes the many dozens of vegan and gluten-free recipes. An introductory chapter lays out the simple steps to outfit a globally inspired pantry of seasonings and sauces that will make meatless food come alive.

Author: Michael Natkin

Pages: 320

Format: Hardcover

Weight: 2.84

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