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Grit has compiled 100 pages of helpful articles on raising farm animals and maximizing your livestock investment. This full-color guide features advice, tips and ideas from industry experts on raising and maintaining your animal herd … whether you have cattle, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits or alpacas. Plus, organic farmer and author Joel Salatin offers his rotational grazing guidelines!

Read how to protect your flock from predators with 10 tips on preventing your flock from becoming a buffet for wildlife and neighborhood dogs. Learn a handful of helpful things you need to consider before raising your own pigs. Discover which fencing is best for you and your livestock, whether it’s woven wire or high-tensile, electric or nonelectric.

More articles include:

  • Raising Sheep: The Basics – With a little land and a bit of know-how, you can raise this relatively inexpensive livestock for food, fiber and the ‘shear’ fun of it.
  • Leaves of Grass: A Guide to Hay Selection – Determining the best forage options for your livestock can make or break your animals during the winter months.
  • Raise Your Own Homestead Dairy Cow – You’ll enjoy fresh dairy products and meat too!
  • All About Alpacas – Learn everything you need to know to raise them successfully, including buying, feeding, breeding and more.
  • Livestock Trailers: How to Choose – Find the right livestock trailers for all your pulling needs.

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