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Fast Pitch is an instant yeast starter. Go straight from can to flask and eliminate waiting, extra equipment, clean-up and risk of contamination. No boiling, no DME. From start to finish in under 5 minutes, Fast Pitch is as easy as pour, pitch, propagate!

We've stressed the importance of yeast starters for two decades. Starters radically alter beer quality. Higher ABV with complete fermentations. Eliminated off-flavors through strong, healthy yeast. Reassurance that your yeast is viable before you pitch it. Essentially, a yeast starter is the fast track to commercial-quality craft brew. For the committed homebrewer, yeast starters are a ritual-and a revered one at that.

To make a long story short, yeast starters are a great way to improve every aspect of your homebrew. So we're taking the next step in simplifying the process, and practically making them for you. A yeast starter with Fast Pitch is easy to make. Add it to water, pitch yeast. Make better beer. It's that easy.

Fast Pitch Instructions:

Use one can of Fast Pitch for each liter of starter wort. Sanitize everything--flask, stopper, top of each can of Fast Pitch, and yeast packet. Pour Fast Pitch directly into your flask. Add 16 oz. water to the flask for each can of Fast Pitch. Swirl to mix. Add yeast and cover with sanitized stopper. Stir regularly for the next 24 hours, or use a stir plate for best results. Fast Pitch already contains yeast nutrient too. Wow, that was fast!

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