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EZ RING 12" - 1 SET OF 3

An EZ Ring 12” Set of 3 includes three high quality rings, three support arms and three nuts to secure the rings to the support post—three 12" rings and all necessary hardware. FREE SHIPPING available to continental U.S. addresses only. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

The heavy-duty EZ Rings are made of military grade polymer with UV-stabilizer.

EZ Rings easily attach to the EZ Step-In Posts (not included) or your existing support posts (between 3/8-inch and 3/4-inch in diameter).

The patent-pending D-Lock design secures the ring in place, holding firm in changing weather conditions—tested to withstand 50-MPH winds.

Rugged and easy to clean. Use them season after season.

Plus, you get a 10-year warranty on all EZ Step products! Making this only $3.49/year!

Note: If your EZ Rings start to sag or bend after a season of heavy use, do not be alarmed. The polymer material in the rings naturally have structural memory to return to its original shape. Simply turn the ring over and install it upside-down for the next season. Alternate between these positions every season or as needed.


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