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Cordwood construction — log-ends set in insulated mortar — is a versatile, economical, low-impact, and beautiful building method. Its durability and performance has been proven in beautiful, centuries-old buildings in North America and Europe. Yet until now, there has been no trusted, practical guide to cordwood construction using the material in a wide variety of construction projects.

Distilling decades of experience and best practices, Essential Cordwood Building is the first fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to cordwood building. Ideal for the DIYer and professional designer and builder alike, it covers:

• Wood species selection, log-end length, and seasoning
• Cement, lime putty, and cob mortar options
• Wall cavity insulation options
• Budgeting and estimating
• Highly illustrated, step-by-step building techniques
• Window and door frame installation
• Pointing and chinking, finishing, and plastering
• Special designs and decorative features
• Code references, compliance, building science, and best practices
• Troubleshooting and maintenance

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