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Why are there brown spots on the leaves of my tomato plant? What are those small green bugs on my roses? How can I prevent mold from growing on the leaves of my squash plant? Every gardener is in a constant struggle against insects and diseases that attack their plants. Beloved plants can also be stunted or killed by nutrient deficiencies and environmental stresses. Now, every gardener has a new weapon in his or her arsenal!

Ed Rosenthal's Protect Your Garden is an easy-to-use troubleshooting guide that helps you identify and eliminate things that want to harm your plants. More than 100 full-color photographs help you determine exactly what is plaguing your flowers and edible plants. Protect Your Garden then provides easy and safe solutions. The book divides problems into four distinct groups: pest infestations, plant diseases, nutrient deficiencies and environmental stresses. Each section depicts the major threats and the types of plants susceptible to the problem. This format is perfect for both readers with specific problems they want to identify and solve quickly as well as gardeners looking for preventative advice. All the solutions presented are eco-friendly, family-safe and suitable for gardens containing edible plants.

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