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Dying with plants is a kind of botanical alchemy, and in Eco Colour, artistic dyer and colorist India Flint teaches you how to cull and use leaves, roots, and flowers to color your cloth and yarn. From whole-dyed cloth and applied color to prints and layered dye techniques, Flint describes only ecologically sustainable plant-dye methods using renewable resources. She takes the path of doing the least possible harm to the dyer, the end user of the object, and the environment. Recipes include a number of entirely new processes developed by Flint herself, as well as guidelines for plant collection, directions for distillation of nontoxic mordants, and methodologies for applying plant dyes. Eco Colour will inspire both the novice home dyer and textile professional seeking to extend their skills using Flint's successful methods for achieving ecologically friendly, stunning color.

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Pages: 238

ISBN-10: 1596683303

ISBN-13: 978-1596683303

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