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Backyard pig keeping is growing in popularity, both as a food source (as demonstrated by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay) and as pets. Pigs are easy to rear, breed and feed, and they are hardy and adaptable animals that help clear ground, recycle waste and fertilize soils.

This practical and accessible guide is the ideal beginner's handbook and includes expert advice on:

  • How to choose and purchase a quality animal and how to help preserve rare breeds
  • Equipment, housing and fencing
  • Moving and handling
  • Feeding, nutrition and pasture
  • Pig health care and common diseases
  • Selecting a boar or sow for breeding, hogging, farrowing, taking care of piglets and pedigree breeding
  • Preparing for slaughter, butchering and subsequent storage
  • Showing pigs in competitions.

Choosing and Keeping Pigs also includes a history of pig keeping and a comprehensive directory of 30 traditional and rare breeds. This unique reference provides all the information a pig keeper requires.

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