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Anyone can grow some amazing white button mushrooms at home with this "just add water" countertop kit that comes complete with casing soil and easy to follow directions. You will never eat mushrooms fresher than twisting them from their growing media and cooking them up seconds later! White buttons grow on a composted straw media and fruit when covered with soil (included), so all you need to do is add the soil, water, and watch... It only takes a few weeks for the mushrooms to spring forth and merely days to mature before you are harvesting from your kit! Expect to harvest about 3-4 pounds of mushrooms! Kit measures 16x10x6 inches and comes complete with casing soil and directions, just add water!

Because each mushroom kit is freshly packed to order, please allow ten business days to ship your order.

Mushroom kits are available for shipment to USA addresses ONLY.

Button Mushroom kits are only available September - May in North America.

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