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Bug-Bouncer’s Garden blend contains the pure essential oils of citronella, lavender, lemon-eucalyptus, rosemary, and neem oil in a witch hazel base. The formula was created for personal protection during everyday outdoor activities. With a fresh, citrus scent, the blend is reminiscent of summer garden parties and backyard barbecues.

Bug-Bouncer formulas safely repels over more than 100 types of insects. They have been field- tested in all types of climates: on beaches, in jungles, deserts, mountains, rain forests, and our own backyards. All blends are very effective against mosquitoes, and each blend has been designed with a pleasing scent (one that’s effective, but not overwhelming).

The convenient, portable, half-ounce size is practical for pocket or purse, and meets Transportation Security Administration (TSA) carry-on requirements. Because the dropper releases only a few drops at a time, a bottle can last up to a year with normal use. And, unlike with aerosol sprays, the chance of leakage is minimal.

In short, Bug-Bouncer is effective, low- risk, and chemical- free. No matter how nice it smells to humans, though, it tastes bad to bugs.

After sampling dozens of natural insect repellents, Bug-Bouncer is the one I recommend to friends and family. Because the essential oils are mixed with a small amount of carrier, you can safely apply the potent and effective blend directly to your skin. You only need to apply a few drops at a time, which means each bottle will last up to a year. I typically apply two or three drops to both my wrists and ankles before heading outside, and then I reapply each hour just to be safe. I keep one bottle in my medicine cabinet, one in my car, and one in my purse for impromptu summer hikes. –Hannah Kincaid, Editor-in-Chief, Mother Earth Living

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