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When food writer Diana Henry had a change of appetite, craving a diet with less meat and heavy food, and more vegetable-, fish- and grain-based dishes, these are these dishes she served up. Often inspired by the food of the Middle East and Far East, but also drawing on cuisines from Georgia to Scandinavia, these recipes are nothing less than fabulous. This lighter, fresher way of eating was inspired by Henry's curiosity about what "healthy eating" really means … and requests from both readers and friends for recipes that are "good for you." From a Cambodian salad of prawns, grapefruit, toasted coconut and mint or North African mackerel with cumin to blood orange and cardamom sorbet, the magical dishes in this book are bursting with flavor, goodness and color. Peppering the recipes is Henry's inimitable writing on everything from the miracle of broth to the great carbohydrate debate. Above all, this is about opening up our palates to new possibilities. There is no austerity here, simply fabulous food that nourishes body and soul.

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Author: Diana Henry

Pages: 336

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