Renewable Energy

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Energy Pros Weigh In on Future of Solar Power

By Jeanne Roberts,

A friend of mine participated in the Second-Annual State of the Electric Utility survey. He also shared with me the results of the 2014 survey, which tabulates the opinions of more than 500 electric-utility professionals on the subjects of demand growth, distributed generation, power supply, regulatory models, and a number of other electricity-generation, transmission, and distribution-related issues.

Potential Health Impacts from Photovoltaics

By Paula Baker-Laporte, EcoNest Architecture Inc.

We all know that renewable energy is an important part of a greener, more sustainable future, but are there health risks associated with home-scale photovoltaic installations? The jury is still out in the world of industry-sponsored and independent research, but there is a fast-growing segment of the population who feels ill from our ever-increasing use of electricity and wireless frequencies.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar-Power System

By Sarah Kezer, 123SolarPower

Learn more on how to get the most from your solar panels and maximize your energy generated.

How To Choose The Best Solar-Energy Equipment

By Vikram Aggarwal, EnergySage

Installing a home solar energy system is a smart financial investment for many homeowners. As you evaluate offers from solar companies, there are many different factors to consider – the equipment that you choose for your system, your financing options, and the installer that you select all have an impact on your solar savings.


Remembering Renewable Energy Pioneer Dan Alway

By Aur Beck, Advanced Energy Solutions Group

Dan Alway, longtime renewable energy advocate and pioneer, was honored by more than 600 of his friends and colleagues at an award presentation at The Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin.

Get the Best Deal with Residential Solar Power Buying Guides

By Sarah Kezer, 123SolarPower

Use solar panel buying guides to ensure that you're getting the best offer and value for your solar power system.

Solar-Energy Incentive Programs are Your Friends

By Simone Garneau, Sunmetrix

Installing solar panels for your home is becoming more and more affordable. In addition to the generous federal investment tax credit of 30%, there are over 900 financial and regulatory incentive programs across the United States. Combined with falling solar costs and rising electricity prices, these programs are helping to make solar panels an investment that can save you money in the long run.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels: Top 3 Things You Need to Know

By Vikram Aggarwal, EnergySage

When homeowners think of installing a solar energy system on their home, rooftop solar is probably the first thing to come to mind. What many homeowners don’t realize is that installing ground-mounted solar panels is both easy and cost-effective.