Renewable Energy

The best advice on energy efficiency, solar power, wind energy, living off the grid, and more.

Off The Grid: How To Power Your Disconnected Lifestyle

By Sarah Kezer

How to power your off the grid lifestyle with renewable energy.

How Have Solar Panel Cost and Efficiency Changed Over Time?

By Vikram Aggarwal

It’s only in the last ten years or so that solar has really taken off as a renewable energy source, and there’s a major reason why: the steady improvement of both solar panel cost and solar panel efficiency over time.

How to Save on Solar With Net Metering

By Sarah Kezer, 123SolarPower

What is net metering and how can it help you save hundreds of dollars each year?

Sustainable Energy Inside City Limits

Join Kale Roberts and Dan Chiras as they discuss the numerous ways that an urban homestead can become more energy efficient.


Solar Panel ROI Guide

By Sarah Kezer, 123SolarPower

How to get the greatest return on investment for your solar power system.

Abundant Clean Energy Design Competition: You Can Compete

By Toby Grotz

A design competition is open to the public for an Abundant Clean Energy Prize.

Tips on How to Talk to Your Solar Installer and Save Money in the Process

By Sarah Kezer, 123SolarPower

Do you know how to negotiate for your solar power system? Use these tips to save on your up-front costs and reap the benefits for years.

Make Homemade Biogas Energy, Not Food Waste, at the ‘Complete Biogas’ Workshop

By David William House

Here’s the deal: Food waste, bad. Methane, worse. Biogas, good. You can make it, burn it, gain energy (and high quality fertilizer!), using [The_Cube] and follow-on designs, and you will then be responsible for withdrawing food waste from the landfill and thus doing a very good thing.