Renewable Energy

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New Geothermal Project Approved for Mammoth Lakes

By Bureau of Land Management Central California

The Bureau of Land Management has approved construction of a California geothermal plant that will generate enough energy for 36,000 homes.

New Skylight Design Is Even More Efficient

By Kellsey Trimble

Skylight scoops are the latest design in skylights which help save more energy and enhance a building’s environment.

Beyond-Off-Grid Film Promotes Self-Reliant Lifestyle

By Linda Holliday

The documentary film “Beyond Off-Grid” is nearing completion and includes a dozen specialists across the United States living self-reliant lifestyles.

Admirals Bank Bets on Residential Solar Energy

Press Release

Admirals Bank opens Renewable Energy Lending Business Development Center in San Francisco.


Energy Efficiency Still Has Room for Improvement

By Kellsey Trimble

Our efforts to improve energy efficiency in the United States might be faltering.

Inventor of Portable Solar Tracker Finalist in National Competition

Press Release

Finalist in national science competition partners with “green” city to endorse sustainable energy.

Admirals Alternatives Sees Direct Ownership as Future of Residential Renewable Energy Systems

Press Release

Admirals Alternatives make it easier to obtain renewable energy systems for your home.

Solar Double Cropping

By Lyle Estill

On sunny days it delivers about a half a megawatt of electricity to the biodiesel plant, while providing strategic shade to plants below. Energy is produced above as farmers harvest below in a genuine double cropping scenario.