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The Wise Grid Series, Part 2: The Hudson Valley ‘Energy Highway’ Transmission Project — An Idea Whose Time Has Passed?

By Timothy Schoechle, PhD, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy

A 150-mile transmission line project proposed in 2012 costing up to $1.3 billon is a “dinosaur” that is still haunting the Hudson Valley. But rooftop solar energy, battery storage, and community microgrids can replace the ancient, costly, and vulnerable centralized generation and transmission electricity system that has dominated New York and the entire nation — and advanced little technologically — for over a century.

What Is 'Solarize'?: Save on Solar Power with Community Bulk Ordering

By Vikram Aggarwal, EnergySage

You’ve probably seen yard signs for Solarize campaigns around your neighborhood. But what exactly does it mean to solarize? Is it really a new verb? Here we’ll explain the basics of a Solarize program, plus what the pros and cons are for your community.

Understanding the Costs of a Solar-Panel System

By Vikram Aggarwal

While the most expensive part of going solar is paying for the equipment, it still only represents 25 percent of the overall expense. We break down of all the costs of going solar, and tips on how you can save money!

Compressed Air Solution May Help Store Green Energy Better

By Kayla Matthews

CAES proposes storing excess green energy in salt caverns.


Why Off-Gridders Love Home Wind Turbines

By Chip Means, Pika Energy

The advantages of combining wind and solar go beyond system performance and floating batteries – it’s an enhancement to the off-grid lifestyle as a whole.

How to Count Your Home Solar Savings in 6 Steps

By Vikram Aggarwal, EnergySage

You can save a lot of money when you use solar energy. But where do those savings come from, and how do you keep track of them? We’ll show you just how much you can save with solar energy.

Australian Government Says No More Wind Farms

By Kayla Matthews

Australian Prime Minister wants to cut back on funding being sent to wind farms. He also wants to cut funding to solar and hydropower projects.

5 Ways to Save Fuel with Your Heavy Equipment

By James White

Until we get electric or solar-run heavy equipment, here's a few tips on how to use less fuel when operating your equipment around the farm or construction site.