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| 1/18/2010 1:10:05 PM

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Small woodstove and hearth 

Do you have a woodstove or pellet stove at home? When we recently asked that question in a web poll, more than half of the 280 respondents said yes!

We’d like to hear more about your experiences with woodstoves. Do you use a woodstove or pellet stove? If so, what kind? How happy are you with it? Do you have any helpful hints for heating with wood? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

You can also learn more about all aspects of wood heating by checking out the following articles on our website:


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12/6/2013 7:56:22 PM

We purchased a new home in a rural area of Chester county, PA in 2006. It's about 3500 sq. ft and up on a hilltop and gets lots of wind. I bought the most efficient furnace (and water heater) available at the time. Still, my propane bill for the first year was $4000!. Our lot is a little less than 5 acres, and over 3 acres are woods, mostly all 60-80 ft tall Oaks. I spec'd a wood burning fireplace in the house which was nice but did little to heat the house, so I bought a high efficiency wood stove, a Vermont Castings Encore (though not the model with the catylytic converter as I was advised it was too high maintenance). We installed it on the hearth in front of the fireplace and had an insulated chimney installed inside the original fireplace chimney. Since then my propane bill has dropped to $500-$700/year! I have occasionally purchased firewood for $150-$250/cord but for the most part all our wood comes from our property and I have yet to had to drop a live tree. Eventually I bought a woodshed to eliminate the need for all the tarps. At this time I have at least a 2 year supply of split wood in my shed and several dead oaks standing when I need to cut more. As much as I enjoy the smell of wood smoke from my neighbor's chimneys, and used to enjoy it from my fireplace, our stove is so efficient that there is no visible smoke coming from our chimney, and no delicious odor. Wood heat is a great option, especially when you have your own woodlot, and it is also great exercise. JH

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